Excellent Wear-resistant Steel Material


WearTuf wear-resistant steel plates are heat treated by hot rolling and then by direct quenching and tempering and reheating quenching and tempering techniques, respectively. The impact test was carried out using an instrument impact tester. The microstructure and fracture surface were studied by a combination of optical microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. WearTuf wear-resistant steel plate has high mechanical strength, which is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary low-alloy steel plate, which can significantly improve the surface hardness, usually reaching 360-550HBW.

WearTuf wear-resistant steel plate combines high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, weldability, bendability, etc. It is mainly used in loader edge of loader industry, wear-resistant lining of crusher industry, and plate type in coal mining machinery industry. Conveyors and conveyors for heavy excavators, etc. WearTuf wear-resistant steel plates guarantee unparalleled performance, saving and extending service life. They are often seen in truck bodies, dump truck bodies, containers and buckets. If you want to reduce weight or increase strength, or if you need to produce wear parts that are more durable than other materials, WearTuf wear-resistant steel is an excellent choice. Its outstanding performance is characterized by a combination of hardness, strength and toughness that can withstand sliding, impact and crush wear. WearTuf wear-resistant steel plates are responsible for excellent wear resistance, protecting equipment investment and working more efficiently.

WearTuf wear-resistant steel plates ensure longer life and higher predictable performance in truck bodies and containers. Its high strength and high hardness can meet thinner wear-resistant steel plates for higher payload and better material economy. Thanks to its excellent wear resistance and resistance to deformation, WearTuf wear-resistant steel in the bucket extends equipment life and increases reliability. Higher performance is achieved because the wear resistance of the WearTuf wear-resistant steel plate is evenly distributed throughout the board.

WearTuf wear-resistant steel sheets are usually manufactured under rolling conditions. These types or grades of steel sheet products are specially developed for long service life under harsh conditions. WearTuf wear-resistant steel products are used in a variety of applications in mining, quarrying, conveyors, material handling and construction, and earthmoving. Designers and plant operators can choose WearTuf wear-resistant steel plates in an effort to extend the life of critical components and reduce the weight of each component that is put into service. The benefits of using wear resistant steel sheets in applications involving impact or sliding contact with abrasive materials are more numerous.

WearTuf wear-resistant steel sheets generally have good resistance to sliding and impact. The high carbon content of the alloy increases the hardness and toughness of the steel, making it an ideal material for applications requiring high impact or high wear resistance. High hardness can be obtained using high carbon steel, and steel has good permeability resistance.

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